Exclusive Healing sound recorded in high resolution audio in Japan.

"YURAGI" series audio software for "sound therapy"

Sound therapy is called parasympathetic stimulation music therapy.
By stimulating the parasympathetic nerve with sound, various effects such as sleep quality, promotion of growth hormone secretion, improvement of blood circulation can be obtained.
And because it also has the effect of enhancing concentration, it will be effective as work and study BGM.

Our healing sound series YURAGI means vibrations and waves caused by nature.
We recorded relaxing natural sound and beautiful acoustic music in noteworthy high resolution audio which has great effect of healing featuring Japanese unique nature sound and instrument

Please use them to support various problem solving derived from parasympathetic nerves.

YURAGI by 2wg

  1. YURAGI 001A [Ocean and Guitar]
  2. YURAGI 001B [Ocean]
  3. YURAGI 002A [Japanese Water Harp and Piano]
  4. YURAGI 002B [Japanese Water Harp]
  5. YURAGI 003A [Birds and Koto]
  6. YURAGI 003B [Birds]マイナスイオンをたっぷり含んだ爽やかな空気を吸い込んで、体が浄化される感覚・・・ そんな気分が味わえる一枚・・・
  7. YURAGI 004A [Wind Chime and Piano]
  8. YURAGI 004B [Wind Chime]
  9. YURAGI 005A [Cricket and Karimba]
  10. YURAGI 005B [Cricket]
  11. YURAGI 006A [Bonfire and Marimba]
  12. YURAGI 006B [Bonfire]
  1. about

    Saitama Medical College Junior College Emeritus Professor, Saitama Medical University Professor
    Professor Kazuhisa Waku
    An explanation by Yuragi and 2 wg by audio critic Masayoshi Hayashi.

  2. Hi-Res

    One of the features of YURAGI, about high res.
    High resorption where attention is paid to the mind and body,
    Fresh sound acts gently on autonomic nerves.

  3. artist

    Introduction of artists who color YURAGI series
    Music, illustration, design · · ·
    I cherish the warmth of handmade.