“Sound Therapy” that cuts the key of beautiful and energetic 〜While listening to autonomic nervous-friendly YURAGI〜

“Sound Therapy” that cuts the key of beautiful and energetic
While listening to ~ autonomic nervous YURAGI ~


Now autonomic nervous (parasympathetic) care by sound, “sound therapy” attracts attention. About this “sound therapy”, Mr. Junko Inoue who is a teacher of Miss Universe Japan, Mr. Momoko Abe in 2017 is Majoram private salon where she is presided by herself Saitama Medical College, a leading therapist of music therapy I will talk to Professor Emeritus Professor Junichi Hazu at Junior College.

Also popular in salons
In the esthetic salon, which I preside, Majoram private salon, I am adopting the “autonomic nervous YURAGI” series for BGM under discussion, but from customers “Very relaxing · · ·” “Sleeping deeply …” etc. I will get many impressions of you. Actually it can not exert its effect even if you receive care with a feeling like “painful, uncomfortable …”, you can get the maximum effect of care when you think “comfortable, pleasant, sleepy ~” So it is very helpful to the power of this sound source. In addition, there are many opinions that staffs will improve concentration ability during treatment, and as a result there is a feeling that the effect of treatment is deepening. Today I would like to talk to Mr. Haruhisa Waji about various effects of this sound source.

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The sound flowing in this salon is really fresh, and as you enter it you feel the power of the shoulder falls out (lol)

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Be beautiful and vigorously with sound therapy
So, first of all, please tell me in detail what kind of effect will be at “Sound Therapy”.

“Sound Therapy” is another name “parasympathetic stimulation music therapy” that is called parasympathetic nerve care by sound.
With parasympathetic dominance, there are various merits.

Improve sleep.
When the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant, when blood pressure and heart rate fall, it is judged that the brain is ready for sleeping, secretion of melatonin which is a sleep hormone, it can promote sleep and get a sleep.

Prevention of skin spots, beautiful hair
During sleep, secretion of growth hormone becomes active when melatonin is sufficiently secreted. Because growth hormone is secreted most in the most sleepy state, sleep is an important condition of secretion of growth hormone. Also, in the state where parasympathetic nerves dominate, blood vessels are opened, blood circulation improves, skin turns activated bar, prevention of beautiful skin and spots is effective, as well as a lot of nutrition is carried to hair. Furthermore, sweat glands and sebaceous gland secretion power also increases, so natural skin moisturizes hair and hair.

The state of sympathetic dominance is insufficient secretion of digestive juice including saliva and mucosa is rustling and digestion is not enough. The secretion of various digestive juices is activated by the action of parasympathetic nerves. In addition, because digestive exercise becomes active, digestive power also increases and constipation improves. Acne acne and skin roughness are also eliminated when the intestinal environment becomes easy to set.

Improvement in digestion will result in a quick rise in blood glucose levels during meals and a feeling of fullness can be obtained quickly. Furthermore, blood circulation, improvement of metabolism by improvement of constipation, decrease of cortisol (stress hormone) advancing synthesis of fat makes it difficult to accumulate fat.

Tiredness, coldness, stiff shoulder, migraine
Tiredness, coldness, stiff shoulder, migraine It is expected to recover from fatigue by improving sleep. Furthermore, if the blood vessel expands when the parasympathetic nerve is dominant, blood circulation improves, so nutrition and oxygen spread to the corners of the body and the waste matter, which is a metabolite, is discharged, so the feeling of fatigue disappears. It also improves cold, stiff shoulder, migraine pain as blood flow in the blood vessel improves.


Infectious diseases such as influenza
Acetylcholine from the end of the parasympathetic nerve energizes lymphocytes. Lymphocytes circulate the whole body through vessels called blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and we are watching whether foreign bodies such as pathogenic bacteria invade or not. Then, if you find a foreign enemy, you start attacking. Maintaining normal lymphatic function is also important for prevention of infectious diseases.

Prevention of cancer
A kind of leukocyte neutrophil which increases in sympathetic dominant state releases active oxygen in the body, it causes injuries to blood vessels, internal organs, genes, causing cancer. Acetylcholine secreted at the time of parasympathetic dominance, energize lymphocytes, prevent immunity from lowering lymphocytes, prevent genetic destruction by active oxygen, and prevent cancer.

Just by listening to sounds, you can expect this much more!

What is the effect of sound therapy?
Let’s do experiments at once. Please listen to the sound of YURAGI for 20 minutes with this device in your fingers.



The function of parasympathetic nerves has become dominant! Just 20 minutes by just listening to the sound of nature there is so much change! I am surprised to see it with data. It is amazing that just by listening to the sound of nature, the human body can be so healed. We also do an approaches to arrange autonomic nervousness in the day-to-day description, but it is also important to have daily care by listening to such sounds.

What is sound therapy?
“Sound therapy” is “parasympathetic stimulation music therapy”.
The structure of the human ear is closely related to the parasympathetic nerve and shows a certain response to certain sound elements irrespective of likes and dislikes.
The therapy that switches the work of the parasympathetic nerve by using the action of this sound is parasympathetic stimulation music therapy, “sound therapy”.

What kind of sound is good for health? …
So, what kind of sounds are switching the parasympathetic nerve?

Well, In previous studies
1. It contains a lot of high notes above 4000 Hertz
2. contains a lot of fluctuations

For example, sounds of woods, sounds of waves, acoustic music, high sounds and fluctuating sounds contain many elements that give people a sense of security. By listening to such sounds it is possible to switch on the sympathetic nerve to activate the parasympathetic nerve so that it can hope for improvement of various symptoms due to autonomic nervous disorder.(Details will be described later)

The parasympathetic care is important
Therefore, by caring for the function of parasympathetic nervousness, body maintenance such as heart rate, blood pressure stabilization and blood circulation improvement due to dilation of blood vessel, improvement of sleep, growth hormone secretion and lymphocyte, improvement of digestive function and reduction of active oxygen It is necessary to enhance the function to do.
For this reason parasympathetic care is a very important element for beauty and health.

It is important to make “switch of heart and body” so that the switch of sympathetic and parasympathetic switching work well.

How autonomic nervous system, sound and body works?
Let’s review autonomic nervous system here.
Autonomic nerve is a name that summarizes two nerves, “sympathetic nerve” and “parasympathetic nerve” which work alternately to protect and maintain the mind and body of human beings.

Parasympathetic nerve which responsible for body maintenance
The sympathetic nerves activate the body to protect themselves from stress and foreign enemies such as virus, but during this time the blood vessels shrink, the heart rate and blood pressure rise, sleep disorder and increased body oxygen I will get damaged.
On the other hand, when the sympathetic nerve is braked and the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant, blood vessels spread, blood circulation improves, sleep is obtained, growth hormone is secreted, secretion of saliva and digestive juice becomes active And lymphocytes that protect themselves against viruses are activated, and various functions of maintaining the body become active.

The sympathetic nerve is the defense mode, the parasympathetic nerve is the maintenance mode, and the autonomic nerve is an important function to protect the mind and body both from the outside and from the inside.

Contemporary society where sympathetic nerves tend to dominate
Since sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves work while switching to the dominant state, it is important that each balance is taken in life. However, in a stressful contemporary society, sympathetic nerves that are responsible for defense continue to dominate, and there are many cases where switching to parasympathetic nerves does not go well.

Changes in the environment surrounding sound・・・
Could you tell us the relationship between the parasympathetic nerve and “sound”?

Well, human beings live with a close relationship with “sound” as well as other animals.
However, in a stressful contemporary society, the environment surrounding the “sound” is changing drastically from the time when humans lived with nature, and has various influences on the human body.
The present society is filled with various noises and artificial sounds, and those sounds also become stresses, dominating sympathetic nerves, braking on the work of parasympathetic nerves and variously in health and beauty There are aspects that are causing harm.

Certainly the environment surrounding the sound has changed considerably from the time we were children, and the stress that has increased even more is increasing even more.


Easy to incorporate into life・・・
Well, the big attraction of sound therapy is to be easily incorporated into life.
Before going to bed or when you wake up in the morning, you can listen to it and use it for various kinds of care, but as soon as you leave your brain and body during your study or work holiday, your instantaneous power and concentration will increase , It is effective also to relieve stress in a train etc. when commuting.

I’m getting well by listening to “YURAGI” in my life every day.
In the morning, listen to the birds’ voices, listen to the sound of the waves when you want to calm down, Yuragi is on the top of the music with only the natural sound so you are using the mood at that time.
And at our salon you can listen to ‘YURAGI’ with the latest high resolution audio.It is also effective to the brain a sense of security, a very pleasant sound is flowing through the salon.
And since the customer really relaxes, it is popular that our treatment will deepen the effect, and it will be popular if staff also concentrate on working.

“Tension” “Gloss” “Supple” is a very important element for the beauty of women.
By all means listening to such “sound” I would like you to send a beautiful and energetic everyday.

Professor, thank you for today.

(Illustration Osamu Osamu)

Saitama Medical College Junior College Emeritus Professor, Saitama Medical University and former professor, Doctor of Science
Professor Kazuhisa Wago
2016、Prescription of sound that arranges autonomic nerves~ Frequency of love 528 Hz ~
57th Japan Record Awards Planning Award
2017Miss Universe Japan Representative Lesson lecturer
Representative director Gramry Co., Ltd.
Junko Inoue
Based on salon Majoram Lymphatic massage salon Lymphatic massage technique training course Management of school Management of beauty skeleton correction salon Management of active cosmetic surgeons are active widely.


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